The results of my therapeutic massage treatements are tangible. 

I have been a client of Martine’s for almost 14 years.  I am a breast cancer survivor and have lymphedema.  Martine was referred to me to help with the swelling in my arm due to a poor circulative lymphatic system from the lymphedema.  I thank Martine for being my caretaker, savior, friend, therapist, comforter.  Martine is knowledgeable and very caring in this field.  I have 50 minute sessions a few times a month and it has made the world of difference with my health being in tack.   I highly recommend people giving her a try.  Her home is so peaceful and tranquil its worth then ride from San Jose
— Carol B.
I came to Martine to address a deep fatigue after 26 years of working as an Emergency Physician … Martine was very grounded and centered with a great ability to listen. I found her advice more practical than anything offered by therapists I have been to over the years. I felt after several sessions a greater sense of renewal, and her massage technique was very healing, and gave me new forces
— Allen P. MD
Whenever I feel like my immune system is down, I go see Martine. Massage therapists sometimes offer a lymphatic massage, but Martine is a lymphatic massage specialist. Once you have experienced her technique, you will understand how different it is to have someone work step-by-step through your lymphatic system, closely watch how your body is responding, and make adjustments during her treatment.
She is truly unique in her talent and skills. I highly recommend anyone who needs support with their immune system to see her
— Mona N.
Martine is a wonderful therapist. I came to see her last  yearand had six treatments with her, and my energy level shot up. I am now taking my daughter who has Lyme disease. My daughters whole system had slowed down so much that her circulation was really bad. Now this week, after only two sessions she felt good enough to gently ride her bike in the back ally of our street. This woman is kind, dedicated and really knows her work, I could not recommend her highly enough.”
— Tracy F.
This is part of my healing. I want to stay free of lymphedema. It is the right thing to do for me. It is peaceful and calming. It is very gentle. I like the room, how relaxed I get there. Calm springs from you.
— Laurel H.
Lymphatic Drainage with Martine of Epios is a wonderful experience.  An extremely gentle and relaxing experience, I was not sure, after my first visit, whether or not I my body was responding but then over the next few days I detoxified hugely and felt so much better for it.  I returned every fortnight for a treatment and found my thought processes clearing, my energy levels elevated and my stamina greatly increased. At the end of two months I felt years younger. Thank you Martine and Epios Institute of Healing Arts
— Liz A.
called her randomly from yelp because the other massage I had scheduled was canceled. I told her when it was done that I’d never get another type of massage again. It was the most relaxing and therapeutic I have ever experienced. When she told me to just “try it” I said “sure, why not?”. I’m glad I was not as cynical as I could have been. I would suggest this to ANYONE, ailing or not.”
— Ginger R.
It helps me to focus on my breathing in a positive and relaxing way. A wonderful benefit for someone with chronic asthma.
— Mary W.
I notice a real difference when I am coming for a session. What Martine does is subtle but powerful. It gives me a sense of physical well-being and my overall health works better, like my digestion and my sleep
— Linda P.
I see improvement from session to session. Martine is very professional. She has created a healing environment and knows the body very well.
— Caroline L.