Epios Facial

The EPIOS organic facial is a unique natural facelift that helps to slow down the natural aging process. Only organic skincare and pure & natural Essential Oils are used. It combines facial acupressure and lymphatic drainage, and rhythmical massage to help release head and neck tension, tone and relax facial muscles, and fight gravity. The organic Epios facial has a long lasting effect on the whole body, and results in instant comfort and deep relaxation. In addition it conveys a radiance creating a younger appearance for men and women of any age.

It includes recommendations about ingredients to avoid in natural skincare.

Skincare Workshops

Gather 3 to 10 people and we will organize a workshop specifically for your group. You will learn:

  • How to choose the right skincare adapted to your needs, for your health and for best results.
  • How to use correctly your skincare for best results
  • How simple tips can make a difference
  • Which Essential Oils are good for skincare and how to use them
  • How to avoid toxic ingredients in Personal Care products