For A Healthier, Balanced You

Experience a Lymphatic Massage

The holistic therapies offered at Epios help stimulate the body's soul and spirit , improve the healing processes, strengthen the immune system, and fight stress.

It also helps improves the skin and slow down the  aging process and to recover physical and emotional balance.


Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage is a massage therapy of the lymphatic system. It accelerates the movement of lymphatic fluid in the body and helps to eliminate toxins, to regenerate cells, and to relieve stress, it helps to make a real difference for everyone. It is an effective and gentle complement or alternative in treating problems ranging from stress, to acne, to post-mastectomy lymph edemas, to a wide range of unbalances and diseases. Lymphatic Drainage is also highly recommended before and after surgery to help prepare the body before surgery, and to accelerate the healing process and lower the risk of complications  after surgery.


 Therapeutic Rhythmical Massage

Rhythmical Massage is an effective European approach to holistic healing with a gentle touch to help stimulate the immune system and the lymphatic system, to relieve stress and physical pain, and to recover emotional balance and strength. It can help with many health disorders.

Rhythmical Massage addresses the “wholeness” in us. It is a gentle massage that penetrates deeply in the body. It has a strong balancing effect on our physical body, our ”life forces”, our emotions, and our inner self. It supports and accelerates the healing processes, helps to strengthen our immune system and to prevent illnesses.


Epios Facial & Workshops

Epios facial is a real natural face-lift, with lymphatic drainage, rhythmical massage, and facial acupressure. It tones and relaxes facial muscles, fights gravity, and releases head and neck tension. In addition it helps to give an instant comfort and radiance, a youthful look, as well as a deep relaxation.  When received on a regular basis, you will experience a real difference.  It also has an effect on the whole body

Book a skin care workshop with your friends. Learn and experience many skin care tips.


Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Aromatherapy offers a natural approach to health and at the same time it creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere with its delightful scents. Aromatherapy uses pure Essential Oils, and is a powerful way to help fight viruses and bacteria, stress and aging imbalances, as well as muscular, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, skin and emotional problems.


Your Epios Session

 Is tailored to your Needs. 

  • Heath intake
  • Hands-on body treatment
  • Pressure point therapy
  • Essential oils
  • Healing environment

And Includes Complementary Recommendations

  • Organic Skincare products
  • List of common toxic ingredients
  • Lymph support exercises
  • Important nutrition points
  • Referral as needed

Martine Mahoudeau

Founder of Epios Institute

CMT & Natural Health Counselor

Trained in Germany, France, and California, Martine has 26 years experience. She has worked with people with: Cancer, MS, Lyme disease, Heavy metals, Toxins, Water retention, Pre & post surgery, Chronic fatigue, Trauma, Losses, Life transitions and many more health imbalances … Most of her referrals have been coming from the Medical field.

Martine is a native of France. She has been living alternatively between France and California since 1982. She has an international background in Arts, Health, and Business. She has founded the Epios Institute of Lymphatic Drainage & Healing Arts in 1995, and has helped many people make their lives healthier, happier, and fuller since then.